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ThermaGloveā„¢ (Unisex) The Last Gloves You'll Ever Need!


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Keep Your Hands Warm and Safe With These Heated Gloves

  • šŸ‘‹ Double layers of wool to keep your hands warm
  • šŸ‘‹ Windproof, waterproof, and cutproof to keep your hands safe
  • šŸ‘‹ Fits perfectly on any hand
  • šŸ‘‹ Use your phone because of touchscreen technology
  • šŸ‘‹ Ultralight

Over 29,750 Sold Already!

Cold Weather Isn't Easy on Your Hands

Always have cold hands? Live in a country where it's really cold in winter? Or even just windy? Or do you drive a bike and need some better protection for your hands?

Your current gloves don't seem up for the task. They get wet, the wind cuts through them, and they don't protect your hands. Plus, they're not that warm either.

But there is a better solution...

Wave Goodbye to Cold Hands

Introducing... ThermaGloveā„¢, the last pair of gloves you'll ever need! These gloves are a real treat: double layers of wool keep your hands warm, and they're windproof, waterproof, and cutproof.

They're the safest gloves you'll ever need! They're suitable for traveling, skiing, cycling, and any other outdoor activity. Or indoor, if your house is cold ā›„.

Disclaimer: Not all hands are wind, water, and cutproof. Don't hurt your hands buying other gloves.

Keep on Using Your Phone

ļ»æļ»æThat's not all. The ThermaGloveā„¢ comes with Touchscreen Gloves Technologyā„¢ on the thumb and index fingers. This means you can use your phone, text your family, play your favorite game without having to take off your gloves.

And the palm of the ThermaGloveā„¢ is made of skidproof leather! So that means your phone or anything else you hold is secure in your hand.

And they're so light you won't believe they can keep your hands so warm.

Different Colors to Suit Your Personality

You can order the ThermaGloveā„¢ in blue, purple, and black, to match your bike or your clothes. But be quick, because these gloves sell quickly and we don't know which color we'll run out of first.

Buy these gloves today for a reduced price and never have cold hands again!

What Do Other People Say?

John said on 5 Nov '18:

ā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļø Nice well-constructed glove

ļ»æ"My wife really likes these gloves. Dignified in appearance and convenient that the forefinger and thumb both have touchscreen pads. They are warm, but still look professional and dignified. They cover enough of the wrist so that it doesn't leave the skin exposed between the glove and the coat sleeve. Very nice, well-constructed glove."

Betty said on 25 Sep '18:

ā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļø Keeps your hands nice and warm

"These gloves are sooooo cute. They are really light weight, soft, keep your hands nice and warm and extremely stylish. They fit perfectly. Fabric is stretchy if you have bigger hands, but won't fit loose. They also have the ability to let you have screen touch on your phone. They are perfect!"

Renata said on 15 Sep '18:

ā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļøā­ļø Love these

ļ»æ"I absolutely love these!! I bought them for a holiday trip to North Carolina (I live in CA) and they were super cute, light weight, yet WARM! The ability to text and use my phone with gloves on was awesome! I would recommend these for sure! They are light enough that I can just keep them in my purse without being bulky and taking up much room. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!"