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Secure Stitch Solution Kit


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Repair Tears, Mend Holes, And Hem Clothes Quickly And Easily!


Sewing is easy to others but not you, and it's always troublesome when you accidentally break parts of your clothes as you don't know how to deal with it! Now everything turns simpler because the Secure Stitch Solution Kit is your savior!



  • No Needle, No Thread
    The quick and easy sewing alternative eliminating a needle and thread! The perfect kit for all your liquid sewing needs! Won’t string when you apply it! Won’t bond to your skin!
  • Washable And Flexible
    Creates a clear, colorless, flexible, permanent, washer & dryer proof bond great for cotton, denim, felt, fleece, leather, suede, polyester, velvet, fabrics, and more! Perfect for alterations, mending, and hemming apparel.
  • Easy Application
    Includes 2 applicator bottles and 1 silicon applicator to allow for precise application every time! Use on a variety of materials and fabrics! 
  • Hemming Is A Breeze
    Included Hem clips allow you to measure & hold the fabric together without pins – hem pants, curtains, table cloths, and more!
  • Crafting And Decorating
    The perfect solution for crafting one-of-a-kind pieces; patching, applique, and other decorating!



  • Color: Pure white liquid, no particles
  • Odor: Ammonia smell, not flammable in case of open flame
  • Density: 0.94-0.97g/cm3
  • Viscosity: 2000-5000cps
  • Ph value: 10-11
  • Solid content: ≥45%
  • Net content: 60ml



  • 1 x Secure Stitch Solution Kit