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Rust Remover


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Just Spray &  Wipe to remove the toughest stain!

Do you want something that can effectively remove rusts but will still be safe for your things? The Rust Remover is that something that you’re looking for!

The Rust Remover is helps removes rust effectively as it penetrates and dissolves corrosion without damaging the metal. The super-concentrated cleaner that also polishes and refurbishes metals so you can restore the luster of your metal things at home.


  • Removes Rust Effectively:
    This concentrated metal cleaner effectively removes rust and prevents future oxidation and rust recurrence.
  • Powerful Dissolving Rust Stain:
    It penetrates and dissolves corrosion so people can screw open the rusted nails and screws.
  • Safe & NON-Toxic:
    Formulated acid-free and non-toxic, so you’re sure that it is safe to the environment, and even to your skin.
  • Polishes & Refurbishes Metals:
    Leaves a protective coating that makes your metals and chromes look polished and refurbished, looks like new.
  • Widely Usage:
    Best for restoring antiques, farm equipment, and rusty other tools and parts. Ideal for home use and car!


  • Ingredients: Rust Remover, Organic Acids, Essence
  • Net Content: 30ml


  • 1 x Rust Remover