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EAGLE TIGRIS® - Premium Ultra-Light Mosquito Net Hammock


In high demand! sold in last hours

Color: Army Green

  • Army Green
  • Highlight
  • Blue & Gray
  • Camouflage
  • Black
  • Orange & Gray
  • Deep Blue
  • Pink
  • Blue & Red
  • Yellow & Green

Enjoy The Outdoors Bug-Free With The EAGLE TIGRIS® Premium Hammock. (Tested by outdoor enthusiasts)


Q1: What are the dimensions?

A: Only 25*17cm (9"x 7") when packed. 260*140cm (8.5' x 4.5') when set-up.

Q2: What is the maximum weight it holds?

A: It can easily hold up to 2 average adults 200kg (440lbs)

Q3: What if it is raining?

A: We also have a canopy that is specifically designed to set up with 360 Defence®. You can purchase it here.

Q4: What if the trees are too far from each other?

A: Don't worry! We've designed a strap extension that holds the same amount of weight as the hammock. You can purchase it here.

Q5: Can the mosquito bite from the bottom?

A: No, it can't! The bottom half of the hammock is made of the same material as a parachute. No chance for mosquitos to bite through the bottom.


Strong & Durable- Made from super strong nylon materials that are tear resistant and can hold over 400 pounds(Two Adults) easy.

Easy Storage- Folds up nicely and easily fits in small spaces without taking up space.

Bug Protection- Built-in Mosquito net that repels nagging, pesky nats and other blood-sucking mosquitos away from.

Multi-Function Stuff Sack Provides convenient storage (phone, wallet, keys) and cannot be misplaced.

Highest Grade Materials: Constructed with the same nylon as parachutes, triple-stitched seams, and tear-resistant.

Multi-Functional- You can use it when you go for a picnic, you can put it up in your backyard and read a good book and relax, or you can use it next time you go out on a camping trip. The EAGLE TIGRIS® is perfect for any and all occasions.

Everything needed to use your hammock comes INCLUDED: Hammock w/ Mosquito Net, Ropes, Straps(Extensions excluded), and Carabiners.