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Color: Black

  • Black
  • Yellow

Size: 3 Cats Design - 16"x24"

  • 3 Cats Design - 16"x24"
  • 4 Cats Design - 20"x32"
  • 5 Cats Design - 20"x47"

Super cute design to brighten your mood - Let visiting friends know how much you love cat!

Have you ever looked down at your cat as he is sunbathing on the floor, and thought about how much he looked like a floor mat?

I know I have. Cats have an amazingly elastic body. They can bunch their body up into a compact shape, or they can stretch it out until it looks like they are trying to become a part of the floor.

…have you ever been tempted to step on them when they’re in their doormat-mode? Come on, don’t be shy. It will be our little secret.

But thankfully, you won’t have to battle those urges and suffer alone anymore.

Enter the Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat.

This floor mat can take all the damage you dish out on it! Also, there’s no need to fear having your leg torn to ribbons because the mat doesn’t have claws to hurt you with, unlike your cats.

Other than its role as the thing that releases your pent-up frustration, this Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat also provides some other benefits.

It’s Safe

As its name suggests, this anti-slip floor mat will keep you safe from the threat of slipping and falling.

Did you know that according to historical statistics, one in every three people age 65 or more slip and fall numerous times every year?

Did you know that slipping and falling are the second-biggest cause of disability in the world?

You don’t have to become a part of that statistic. Putting this Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat in your home will help protect you from yourself.

It’s Comfortable

You’re not the only one that would benefit from this Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat. Your cat will, too! It will be their new favorite place.

My cats actually love this mat so much, they sleep on it all day! And since I put this mat right in front of the bathroom, I have to tiptoe around them each time I need to go!

A friendly tip: Buy two of these mats. One for you, and one for the cats.

It’s High-Quality

Some floor mats get soggy with water so quickly that you’d flood the bathroom each time you step on them. That’s because their absorption rate is not high enough.

That wouldn’t be the case with this Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat. It soaks up water like a sponge and won’t be saturated quickly, thanks to the high-quality materials it’s made from.

The Anti-Slip Cat Floor Mat comes in 3 different sizes:

3 Cats Design - 16"x24"

4 Cats Design - 20"x32"

5 Cats Design - 20"x47"

Each size also comes in unique, eye-catching colors.

You should pick the right one for you, and Join us on this mission to Love Cats For Life!